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About Midwest Tungsten Service - Molybdenum Products

Midwest Tungsten Service has been providing a full range of refractory metal products since 1958.  We are certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

About MTS

Molybdenum Products Offered

Available as rod, plate, wire, scrap, or block.  Molybdenum is available in its pure form, or in TZM, ML or other molybdenum alloys.  We can offer finished parts. We manufacture key parts for industrial machining, lighting, satellites, and more made from molybdenum, TZM, ML, MoCu, MoW, and other alloys.

Midwest Tungsten Service – Molybdenum Products

Custom Parts

Our in-house experienced machine shop is available to serve.  From complex engineering prints to simple product modifications, Midwest Tungsten Service can handle your specialized needs.

Machining Information