Lanthanated Molybdenum

Lanthanated Molybdenum, often referred to as MoLa or ML, is an alloy comprised of molybdenum (Mo) and lanthanum trioxide (La2O3) and often used in vacuum furnaces or other high heat applications due to its stability and creep resistance at temperatures above 2730ºF (1500ºC).

After recrystallization occurs due to the high temperatures, the ductility actually improves on account of the changes to the molybdenum grain structure from the lanthanum trioxide dispersion. As a result, lanthanated molybdenum is utilized more often than pure molybdenum or TZM molybdenum for high heat applications.

During hot zone construction, graphite and MoLa are often considered substitutes. However, the molybdenum alloy has a higher purity than graphite and will be less likely to become brittle and mix with the heated substance at high temperatures.

The Molybdenum Total Services lanthanated molybdenum is created through an oxide dispersion process to provide the desired attributes present during high heat environments.

Some common industrial uses of MoLa include:

Raw or Custom Machining of Lanthanated Molybdenum

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